11-12 Meters,SLK6120AK

  • Broad field of vision and big layout

    The rigid lines are perfectly combined with the arc lines so that the completed vehicle looks solemn and elegant, and equipped with blade-type combined headlight, it can give you mighty and smart visual enjoyment so that the vehicle is more enjoyable; equipped with broad field of vision and extra-large luggage compartment, the double windshield can make the vehicle more beautiful and practical.

  • Exquisite interior make full-journey comfortable and enjoyable

    The adjustable leather seats designed according to ergonomic design has highlighted its luxury under the low key; the high space is pleasant; advanced audio-visual system has manifested the beauty of humanity and technology; humanized interior designs are matched so well so that it can bring you simultaneous enjoyment in sense and mind;

  • Functional and intelligent

    All-CAN intelligent management system can make your driving safer and comfortable, and equipped with good vehicle pass rate, you can really enjoy the fun of driving control; comprehensive noise-reducing capabilities including NVH mute technology can effectively reduce the interior vibration to make the occupants pleased in mind and body on their journey.

  • Seats Layout

    SLK6120AK Seats Layout(51+1+1)

    SLK6120AK Seats Layout(53+1+1)


Bus modelSLK6120AK
Engine modelISLe340 30(Euro Ⅲ)
Optional engine

L340-20(Euro Ⅱ)

YC6L330-20(Euro Ⅱ)

YC6L330-30(Euro Ⅲ)

ISLe340 40(Euro Ⅳ)

YC6L330-42(Euro Ⅳ)

ISL340 50(Euro Ⅴ)

YC6L330-50(Euro Ⅴ)

Luggage compartment(M3)9.2
Max. speed(km/h)120


Chassis manufacturerShanghai Shenlong Bus Co.,Ltd.
ClutchΦ430 diaphragm spring, single disc,hydraulic control ( automatic transmission is not applicable)
Gearbox6-speed manual/6-speed automatic
Steering systemIntegral power steering
Brake systemDual circuit pneumatic brake with air dryer and condenser, energy storage spring parking brake,retarder, ABS
Suspension systemMultiple-leaf spring/air suspension,front and rear anti-roll bar
Steering wheel positionLHD/RHD
Fuel tank (L)400L
Others Roof air intake for engine,battery 200Ah×2


Passenger doorFront pneumatic out-swing aluminum alloy door
Side window glassAll-fixed tempered glass side window(built-in type for driver window and two rear-most sidewindows )
InteriorsIntegral air conditioner air duct, interior luggage rack
Air conditioner (A/C)Roof-mounted A/C,cooling capacity 33000Kcal/h
Heating systemNone
Audio & video systemHard disk player, 19 inch fixed LCD TV
OthersCAN bus instruments,digital clock,reading lamp, color backup monitor,emergency hammer with sound-light alarm,dry powder extinguisher etc.

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