7-8 Meters,SLK6800

  • Smart shape and upgrading protection

    With the adoption of long head shape for the vehicle, its shape is round and full so as to make the vehicle full of dynamic; with large vision rearview mirror, backup radar, 360° comprehensive non-blind area visual angle forming by the blind area coverage; barrier-free rear wall escape door and flip pedal design, the school children can be evacuated quickly so as to increase the safety guarantee at the occurrence of accident;

  • Safe and comfortable environment-friendly interior

    The quality guarantee integrated with reliability and safety can be ensured by the simple and neat interior, the high-quality environmental protection materials with excellent environmental protection and fire-proof function as well as floor leather special for school bus; the special school-children seats are soft in color, safe and comfortable; the driver seat meeting the ergonomic design can make the driving more comfortable; the comfortable driver space and reasonable layout of dashboard can make the driver absolutely clear so as to drive safely and securely.

  • Safe and reliable multiple protection

    ◆The diamond closed-loop structure design is used to enhance the safety performance of complete vehicle;

    ◆Special finish paint for school bus, eye-catching school bus logo, parking indicator and parking warning sign have always reminded the driver of its surrounding vehicles so as to pay attention to giving way;

    ◆The front engine is used to enlarge the buffer zone and deformation energy-absorbing zone when the collision takes place at the front of vehicle, so as to guarantee the life safety of school child;

    ◆Lane departure warning system takes the initiative in improving the capacity of vehicle driving safely;

  • Seats Layout

    SLK6800 Seats Layout(39+1+1)


Bus modelSLK6800
Engine modelISF3.8s3141(Euro Ⅲ)
Optional engineYC4D140-20(Euro Ⅱ)YC4E140-30(Euro Ⅲ)

ISF3.8s4141(Euro Ⅳ)

YC4E140-42(Euro Ⅳ)

ISF3.8s5141(Euro Ⅴ)
Max. speed(km/h)120


Chassis manufacturerShanghai Shenlong Bus Co.,Ltd.
ClutchSingle disc,dry type,diaphragm spring,with cltuch booster( automatic transmission is not applicable)
Gearbox6-speed manual/6-speed automatic
Steering systemIntegral power steering
Brake systemDual circuit pneumatic brake with air dryer, energy storage spring parking brake, ABS
Suspension systemMultiple-leaf spring/air suspension,front and rear anti-roll bar
Steering wheel positionLHD/RHD
Fuel tank (L)115L
Others Battery 120Ah×2,generator 70A, two cylindric automatic fire extinguisher for engine compartment


Passenger doorFront pneumatic out-swing door
Safety doorPositioned in rear wall, with foldable pedal
Side window glassTempered glass, lower fixed, upper sliding aluminium frame
InteriorsMolding interiors
Air conditioner (A/C)None
Heating systemNone
Audio & video systemMP3 player
OthersCAN bus instruments,color backup monitor,backup beeper,4 × yellow flashing light on the top,emergency hammer with sound-light alarm,fire extinguisher,first-aid box,stop arm etc.

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