School buses

Mobility safety of students is the most essential element that parents, school and government attach great importance to. School bus is the special transportation tool for students to return to and from the school. With respect to the design of safety of school bus, Sunlong displays its unique creation:

Longer headstock: it helps increase the buffer zone and deformed energy adsorption zone during front collision, and secure adequate safety space.

Higher chassis: the height of the chassis is more than 1 meter, and there is basically no direct injury to the passenger during collision with the ordinary car. In case of lateral collision, the main force-bearing point is below the floor, which can help maximize protection on students’ safety.

More clear-cut signal: aside from the eye-catching yellow paint and reflection board, the parking signal arm is provided, which flashes like the traffic signal lamp when students get on/off the vehicle. Besides, the stepping down guardrail is equipped.

Easier escape: aside from the front and rear door, the compartment top is equipped with two escape exits. Window glasses might be pushed and pulled, which can be smashed by the accompanying hammer to evacuate passengers. In case of fault of the front and rear door, opening is enabled by pressing the emergency button.