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Put into operation and start running | Guangxi SUNLONG HQK6118 pure electric "blue sky" bus officially put into operation the first expressway bus line in Nanning

Date of issue:2023-03-10 Source:本站


Recently, Guangxi SUNLONG Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangxi SUNLONG") HQK6118 new energy pure electric bus was put into operation to Nanning Yongcheng Public Transport Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yongcheng Bus") D327 Road Lingli Industrial Park for customized bus line. This is the first bus line to pass the expressway in Nanning, Guangxi. As one of the important measures to optimize the business environment in Nanning, it not only strengthens the rapid connection with the external regions and hubs of the city, but also will better improve the service level for key enterprises and boost the implementation of major engineering projects.

Work together to promote high-quality development of green transportation

This time, Yongcheng Bus selected Guangxi SUNLONG HQK6118 pure electric city bus to serve the urban expressway bus routes, providing passengers with convenient, comfortable, green and environment-friendly high-quality travel services, and jointly building a high-quality service brand of Nanning bus.


Guangxi SUNLONG HQK6118 pure electric city bus is specially designed for the commuter bus and tourist shuttle bus of domestic large and medium-sized cities and enterprises, with the characteristics of intelligent control and driving, comfortable driving and high safety. The whole vehicle adopts a new framework structure, which is more lightweight, making the vehicle safer and more reliable, with strong adhesion, low running noise, strong appearance and reasonable interior layout. It has the isolation and protection facilities in the driving area required by the new national standard, which is composed of the rear wall, side wall, etc., to separate the driver from the passengers, so as to ensure that the driver will not be disturbed by external parts during driving, thus ensuring the safe travel of passengers.

Compared with the traditional high-speed passenger vehicles, the new energy city bus has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, low noise, smooth operation, convenient operation, and the fuel cost is far lower than the traditional fuel vehicles. While saving operating costs, realize energy saving of the whole vehicle. And personalized setting of caring seats based on customer needs will make travel more warm.


Guangxi SUNLONG helps build a new era of high-quality public transport

"The chassis of this Guangxi SUNLONG HQK6118 pure electric bus is more stable than that of other models I have driven before. Even when the road conditions are poor, it doesn't feel particularly bumpy, and the important thing is that there are few problems with the vehicle, which makes us drivers very worried." said the driver of Yongcheng Bus D327.

Guangxi SUNLONG has always regarded product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, and hopes to bring passengers more safe and comfortable ride enjoyment. From the quality management system, quality control of supporting parts, production process and other aspects, it has strictly controlled product quality and formed a comprehensive quality assurance system. It has won the honors of Guangxi Technology Center, Guangxi Industrial Design Center, Guangxi Industrial Leading Enterprise, and national "green factory", And successfully passed the five-star after-sales service certification and five-star brand certification.

This year is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and the key year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Guangxi SUNLONG will continue to uphold the development concept of "green value" and play the prelude of high-quality industrial development in Nanning, the capital in 2023, with the strength of "leading enterprises". Promote industrial revitalization and contribute to the industrial transformation and upgrading of Nanning, the capital.