New energy development

Develop new energy and start a new mileage

(opening the era of new energy vehicle manufacturing: 2006 - present)

SUNLONG BUS started the research of hydrogen fuel bus and launched the first hydrogen fuel bus product in the same year.
State president Xi Jinping (then Secretary of Shanghai municipal Party committee) tried to take the first hydrogen fuel cell bus of SUNLONG BUS and spoke highly of it after the trial ride.
All magnesium aluminum hybrid buses are exported to Singapore.
SUNLONG BUS new energy R & D center was established.
SUNLONG BUS decided to further strengthen the research and development of new energy buses, and SUNLONG new energy project management committee was established.
The technology of "variable frequency control variable torque electro-hydraulic steering system" in the electric steering system of new energy passenger cars has won the national patent.
SUNLONG BUS slk6109 aluminum body hybrid bus won the 2014 best bus award, and achieved mass marketization in Pudong, Shanghai, becoming the first light-weight and environment-friendly bus in the industry.
SUNLONG BUS restarted the research and development of hydrogen fuel bus and officially entered the new energy logistics vehicle market in the same year.
SUNLONG BUS sold nearly 7000 units in the whole year, of which the sales of new energy buses accounted for more than two-thirds, and the sales of new energy buses ranked among the top five in the industry.
Sunlan Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Sunlong Bus Co., Ltd. jointly build the "the Belt and Road" panda intelligent bus.
SUNLONG BUS has obtained the production qualification of pure electric truck.
SUNLONG BUS has obtained the production qualification of hydrogen fuel cell truck.
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