Corporate culture

Mutual trust and cooperation are highly efficient

Enterprise values

Mutual trust and win-win for all makers

Take innovation as the value orientation, encourage employees to give full play to their subjective initiative, support employees' innovation and win-win cooperation.

SUNLONG spirit

Self improvement spirit

Continue the core of Dongxu group's corporate culture of "being grateful and dedicated to work", adhere to the "self-improvement" and strive to work upward. We are not arrogant in good times, not discouraged in bad times, and have the spirit of dragon and horse and forge ahead.

Enterprise vision

Building green and comfortable travel space in 5g Era

Guided by innovative science and technology, promote enterprise development, practice the double carbon policy, achieve the goal of green and safe behavior, build a green and comfortable travel space in the 5g era, and build a world-class environmental friendly and comfortable bus service provider.

Enterprise mission

Green travel industry serves the country

Continue to innovate science and technology, create a green and comfortable travel space, make more people fall in love with green travel methods, practice the mission of serving the country through industry, and help the benign development of human living environment.

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