After-sale service

The accompanying service is available with one key

Active "accompanying" service team and service guarantee mechanism, to provide you with products at the same time,
to provide our full field, multi-dimensional, high-level service, think what customers need, urgent customers urgent, pay attention to customer experience.
Committed to building SUNLONG BUS service brand.

Three-dimensional network service layout

More than 400 after-sales service outlets, 26 accessories dealers, 100 "accompanying" resident after-sales service engineers, formed a three-dimensional network service layout, covering the whole country, technical support and service coordination, active tracking to provide customers with repair, maintenance, rescue, technical support, accessories supply and training services.

Annual no-breakpoint service

365 Days, 724 hours of service

A 24-hour special rescue effort

Professional and technical personnel, to provide 24 hours a day out of the rescue

All series of models free walking maintenance

Provide free working hours and materials fees for the new car walking maintenance

One-stop special service service

Special service station provides one-stop repair and accessories supply services

High-quality personalized three-electric quality assurance

High quality personalized service, for power battery, motor, electric control
and other core components quality assurance to provide customers with customized solutions

Closed-loop environmental protection policy

According to the relevant provisions of the national "Power Battery Recycling Management Measures", the waste power batteries sold by new energy vehicles for centralized recycling treatment
Power battery recycling outlet: Shanghai Sunlong Bus Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 2898 Huaning Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Contact person: Ding Gang
Contact number: 18601639109

National unified service hotline: +86-21-3409 9057
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