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Batch of Sunlong buses entering Cote d'Ivoire to inject Sunlong's strength into the development of overseas passenger transportation

Date of issue:2023-12-26 Source:本站

On December 11th, with the completion of the shipment of 10 vehicles from Cote d'Ivoire, it means that Sunlong Automobile has taken a firm step forward in accelerating its overseas journey. In recent years, Sunlong Automobile has gained high recognition from more and more overseas users with its stable and reliable product advantages and a comprehensive after-sales service system, continuously injecting Sunlong's strength into the development of overseas passenger transportation.

In recent years, Sunlong Automobile has continued to expand overseas, persistently focusing on the market, and has received a large number of high-quality overseas orders. In the Ivory Coast market, Sunlong Automobile's sales have been increasing year by year. In 2023, 42 ordered vehicles were successfully delivered, with a total sales of over 100 units, contributing significantly to the expansion of overseas markets.

During this process, Sunlong Automobile has deeply cultivated the market and established a comprehensive sales and service network with partners, providing customers with high-quality products and services. Sunlong Automobile's product quality has been highly recognized by Ivorian customers, enhancing brand awareness and influence.

As a leader in China's green value, Sunlong Automobile not only focuses on ensuring detailed vehicle performance, but also continuously innovates in energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence, and other aspects. Its unique design philosophy and advanced technological means have made Sunlong a leading brand in the intercity bus industry. Sunlong Automobile adheres to the principle of quality, always putting customer experience at the center, continuously improving vehicle performance and riding experience, and creating a more comfortable and safe travel environment for passenger transportation.


As early as 2006, Sunlong Automobile began to expand its presence in overseas markets. At present, Sunlong Automobile's sales network covers more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. Looking towards the future, Sunlong Automobile will focus on existing overseas markets, deeply understand customer concerns and pain points in the operation process, and tailor accordingly. We will continue to strengthen and intensively layout our products around their competitive strength, international adaptability, independent research and development capabilities, and after-sales service network construction, further expanding our overseas markets.

The smooth delivery of this order lays a solid foundation for Sunlong Automobile's further expansion into overseas markets and opens up new opportunities for the company's high-quality development. Sunlong Automobile is providing high-end and comfortable travel solutions to more and more countries and regions with high-quality commercial vehicle products.