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Sunlong holds training on vehicle operation skills for overseas customers

Date of issue:2024-04-23 Source:本站

——Antigua and Barbuda clients attending the conference

To enhance the familiarity and understanding of Sunlong new energy vehicle models among overseas customers, enhance relevant operational skills, and enhance equipment usage and maintenance awareness. From April 8th to April 15th, Sunlong Automobile held an overseas customer operation skills training, and customer representatives from Antigua and Barbuda attended the training in Nanning.


This training adopts a combination of theoretical teaching, discussion and exchange, and practical experience. Based on the actual requirements of overseas clients, the training content has been carefully designed. Sunlong engineers conducted on-site practical explanations on key parts of the self-developed new energy HQK6601 model, including chassis, electrical components, body, and accessories, in the workshop. Sunlong's after-sales and related operation service personnel provide precise training to overseas customers on vehicle debugging, maintenance, vulnerable parts, and related specifications.



On April 15th, the current overseas customer training course was successfully concluded. The attending leaders of Sunlong Automobile presented certificates at the closing ceremony and gave full recognition to the training. I hope to take this training as a new starting point, bravely take on responsibilities and make achievements in the layout process of Sunlong's overseas market, and make greater contributions to future cooperation with local authorities.


Overseas customers who participated in the training expressed that this training deepened their understanding and knowledge of the Sunlong brand, and they have gained a lot in vehicle operation and maintenance, which has made them confident in future cooperation.

As an international commercial vehicle enterprise with many years of overseas experience, Sunlong has always adhered to product value as the guide, continuously improved manufacturing processes and product adaptability, and increased investment in customer maintenance and after-sales service. With excellent quality and service, it has formed a unique market expansion model in overseas competition. The in-depth communication with overseas clients this time further highlights the firm determination of Sunlong Automobile and its partners to unite, cooperate, and develop together in the context of globalization, helping to further expand international business.