HQK5032XXYGBEVU2 pure electric van
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HQK5032XXYGBEVU2 pure electric van
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Newly developed models  General fashion

The front face adopts a single-hole air intake grille design, which makes the whole vehicle look handsome and fashionable, and improves the vehicle identification.

The light source of the headlamp is halogen, and the low beam lamp is equipped with a lens, which increases the brightness of the headlamp.



Core three-electricity system

This model has two types of lithium iron phosphate battery configurations, namely, Yiwei Lithium 36.28kWh and 40.32kWh. It supports fast and slow charging, and the operating range can reach 260km. In the fast charging mode, it only takes 50 minutes to charge 20% to 80% of the power.


Stronger load capacity

The high-strength steel chassis is adopted, and the bearing capacity can reach 1.4 tons. The front axle adopts McPherson independent suspension, and the rear axle adopts longitudinal leaf spring structure, which has stronger load capacity. The three-in-one electronic control unit used on the chassis improves the reliability of the whole vehicle through higher integration.


Fast dynamic response

Equipped with the assistance of ABS and EBD electronic system, the braking force is good, the overall braking force is uniform, and there will be no braking, greatly improving the safety of the whole vehicle.


Passenger abnormal behavior monitoring system

The high security level abnormal behavior monitoring system can identify and analyze passengers' abnormal behaviors in all aspects, including theft, wrestling, smoking, etc. If similar behaviors are identified and monitored, the system will record the physical features of the behavior implementers, and broadcast the early warning in the background, so that the safety of public travel can be fully guaranteed.

Upgrade  New masterpiece

For the newly developed model, the appearance design is generally fashionable. The black baking varnish trim panel running through the front face is connected with the combination headlights with sharp shapes on both sides,

Full sense of science and technology, highlighting its new energy identity.



High-end atmospheric interior

The interior of the car is mainly gray, with the imitation wood grain veneer on the center console. The business atmosphere is strong, and the overall design is high-end and atmospheric. The bold use of push-button shift makes the whole cab more spacious; In addition to the conventional tachometer and speedometer, the instrument panel also uses a central control LCD screen, which can display vehicle information such as battery power, mileage, battery temperature, tire pressure, etc. The display information is rich, and the effect is clear and beautiful.


The tailgate is split evenly

The door opening angle reaches 180 degrees, which is convenient for the loading and unloading of large goods by forklift on the cargo platform, convenient and practical, and improves the efficiency of daily loading and unloading. There is also a side sliding door design on the right side, and the slide rail damping is moderate and smooth. The door can be opened by one hand, which can effectively save time and cost when loading and unloading small goods.

Efficient distribution Best choice of city



Superior comfort in driving area

Built-in air conditioners of domestic famous brands are used, with strong environmental temperature regulation ability. The air conditioning panel is operated electronically, and the knob is exquisite, and the damping feedback is good. The front seats are made of imitation leather, and the driver and passenger seats are manually adjusted in 4 directions.


Complete configuration

The whole system is equipped with ABS+EBD, energy feedback, regenerative braking, air conditioning, cigarette lighter, USB charging port, electronic power steering, etc. as standard.


Yuchai-xinlan integrated control system

The motor is equipped with Yuchai core blue permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a peak power of 70kW and a maximum speed of 90km/h. The vehicle speed is uniform and the acceleration sense is good; The electronic control system adopts the Yuchai Core Blue integrated control system, which has mature technology, good software expansion function, and improves the reliability and driving comfort of the whole vehicle.


Safe anti-skid design

The floor of the cargo box is paved with aluminum alloy anti-skid plates, which play a good role in the protection of the original chassis and the safety of the handling workers.

Spacious and generous Large loading space


Main technical parameters configuration of HQK5032XXYGBEVU2 pure electric van

projectStandard-equipped with parameters and models
outline dimension (mm)Length 4865, width 1715, height 2060
Inner dimension of cargo box breast board (mm)2670 long, 1550 wide, 1350 high
Fuel typesPure electric
gross mass (kg)3150
curb weight (kg)1660
Wheelbase (mm)3050
Rated power/peak power (KW)30/70
Max. vehicle speed (Km/h)90
Rated passenger capacity (person)2
Type of energy storage deviceLithium iron phosphate battery
Total energy storage of energy storage device (kwh)40.32
Driving range (km)220
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