SLK6880 dedicated school bus
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SLK6880 dedicated school bus
appearance (mm)
School Bus
Vehicle use
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Safety and intelligent  inheritance of the classic

Front and rear through type steel girder structure, closed ring body structure,

Improve the vehicle safety and reliability


NVH mute technology

Sound insulation and noise reduction materials to choose high-quality environmental protection products, with sound insulation, seismic, non-toxic and other advantages, so that the car is more quiet, the children are more comfortable


Vehicle cathode electrophoresis process

22. Full-dimensional electrophoresis inside and outside the body, paint film coating rate 100%, thickness 25 + 5 m, salt mist resistance test time can reach more than 1000 hours, improve the anti-corrosion ability and aesthetics of the vehicle.High strength steel, with a yield strength higher than 700MPa, is twice that of medium strength steel and three times that of ordinary steel.Using high reliability materials such as durable tin copper wire and imported connector, the vehicle electrical line reliability is higher, reduce later maintenance costs, and fire safety is higher to prevent circuit ignition caused by line aging and water intake.


Intelligent anti-forgetting system (optional)

After getting off the car and locking the door, the system will automatically detect whether there are left children in the car and realize local and remote double alarm. In an emergency, the safety door can be opened remotely in the background (limit the installation of intelligent anti-forgetting vehicles), shorten the rescue time and realize the local and remote rescue double insurance.


A 360-degree panoramic view around the + MOD system (optional)

The upgraded version of the 360 degree panoramic view system, the 360 degree no dead corner to display the panoramic image around the body, the dangerous area active alarm, to avoid accidents.

Upgrade and replace it and create a whole new masterpiece

Using high reliability materials such as durable tin copper wire and imported connector, vehicle electrical lines have higher reliability, reduce later maintenance costs, and fire safety is higher, to prevent circuit ignition from aging and water intake



Shield mesh

The shield mesh and LOGO are perfectly combined, giving people a grand and dignified feeling, making the overall appearance of the vehicle more solemn and composed.


New Body / brand new design

The 3M reflective strip and parking signal arm of the whole body comprehensively improve the safety of schoolchildren when driving and parking, set the rear front and rear bumper, and effectively protect the body during frontal collision

Safe to travel safe to get home



Novel combination instrument

Novel combination, anti-dazzle design, instrument information read more convenient.The carefully adjusted control speed change system makes the control smoother


One-button blasting of side window (optional)

Side window one-button blasting system, in case of an accident, press the button to conduct one-button blasting to facilitate quick escape.


Double high-beam combination headlights

3. The new double high-beam combination headlights, round and full in appearance, full of air, the overall beautiful and delicate


Fully equipped

The car is equipped with a first aid box, in the emergency, to ensure that the injured can get timely treatment, the car is equipped with a fluorescent baton, to facilitate the caretaker to effectively maintain the surrounding traffic environment when the students get on and off the bus

Spacious and generous low-key luxury

Headrest split type shape student child seat, the overall more beautiful, more comfortable ride


SUNLONG SLK6880ZSD51 school bus main technical parameters configuration

projectStandard-equipped with parameters and models
Vehicle announcement modelSLK6880ZSD51
outline dimension (mm)8800×2450×3205
Rated passenger number (person)24-34
gross mass (kg)11000
curb weight (kg)7400
Fuel typesdiesel oil
suspensionsteel plate
brake assemblyFront plate back drum
tyre size8R22.5
bodyworkNon-bearing type
air conditioning systemNon-independent single cooling air conditioner (cooling capacity: 12Kw)
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