HQK6601UBEVU pure electric low-entry city bus
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HQK6601UBEVU pure electric low-entry city bus
appearance (mm)
City Bus
Vehicle use
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Stylish and fashionable  Cute and amiable

Dolphin shape is adopted as the design element of the whole vehicle. The lines extending from the front to the rear make the whole vehicle coherent, flexible and full.

The whole vehicle adopts the future design style of intelligent Internet bus, with a fashionable appearance with full sense of science and technology, and flexible and round lines,

It presents a light and flexible dynamic posture, with a cute and amiable front shape and full affinity.



Ningde era brand, lithium iron phosphate battery

The battery of Ningde era, the leading enterprise in the power battery industry, is selected to ensure the quality of the whole vehicle.


Lightweight design

The curb weight of the whole vehicle is 3.9 tons, which is the leading level among the competitive products in the industry. All vehicle performance parameters are excellent, such as approach angle, departure angle, turning radius, etc., which are refined to meet the use requirements of vehicles under various working conditions.


Fast dynamic response

Equipped with automatic emergency braking system (AEBS), lane departure warning (LDWS), electronic stability control system (ESC) and other intelligent protection systems.


Passenger abnormal behavior monitoring system

The high security level abnormal behavior monitoring system can identify and analyze passengers' abnormal behaviors in all aspects, including theft, wrestling, smoking, etc. If similar behaviors are identified and monitored, the system will record the physical features of the behavior implementers, and broadcast the early warning in the background, so that the safety of public travel can be fully guaranteed.

Upgrade  New masterpiece

Streamlined design, integrated cargo compartment, low wind resistance, helping to maintain the endurance under ultra-long working conditions



Motor, electric control, Yuchai Xinlan brand

The permanent magnet synchronous motor is adopted and the motor is integrated on the rear axle.


Adopt battery post technology

The rear battery technology and the arrangement of ultra-short front and rear suspension are adopted to maximize the flat floor area.

Flexible, economical and efficient Best choice of city

"Flexible, economical and efficient" and other attributes to improve the carrying capacity of the road network and fill the gap of public transport lines,

Weave a "micro circulation" network to thoroughly solve the problem of "the first kilometer and the last kilometer" of public travel.



Superior comfort in driving area

The driver seat adopts a sinking design to improve the comfort; The comfort of the enclosed cockpit is improved by setting the air conditioning position and moving it backward to improve the space of the driving area and reduce the noise of the front cab.


Ground clearance becomes an industry benchmark

With the application of battery rear-mounted technology, the step height is reduced to 320mm, which is especially convenient for the elderly and children, the main crowd of community buses. The clearance from the ground is 170mm, which avoids the bottoming caused by many potholes and uneven roads in the community, and sets a new industry benchmark.


Stable handling

Improve the handling stability of the vehicle by optimizing the chassis tie rod; Adjustable air conditioning outlet design is adopted.


Super safe and convenient maintenance

The fully loaded body structure, through many simulation calculations and rollover tests during the design and development process, ensures the safe living space of passengers to the greatest extent.

Spacious and generous Large loading space


Main technical parameters configuration of HQK6601UBEVU pure electric low entry city bus

projectStandard-equipped with parameters and models
outline dimension (mm)Length 6010, width 2060, height 2900
Fuel typesDirect drive
Drive form5985×2180×2995
gross mass (kg)6500
curb weight (kg)3950,4180
Wheelbase (mm)4210
Rated power/peak power (KW)65/120
Max. vehicle speed (Km/h)69
Rated passenger capacity (person)29/10-15,29/10-11
Type of energy storage device215/75R17.5
Total energy storage of energy storage device (kwh)100.27
Driving range (km)440
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