Mobile nucleic acid detection vehicle
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Mobile nucleic acid detection vehicle
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Beautiful and generous  the inheritance of the classic

Inheriting the classic appearance of SUNLONG 2 series, beautiful and generous, vehicle cathode electrophoresis technology, paint film coating rate 100%, thickness 25 + 5 m, salt mist resistance test time can reach more than 1000 hours, improve the vehicle anti-corrosion ability, beauty.



Fire and corrosion resistant materials

Using durable tin copper wire, imported connector and other high reliability materials, the vehicle electrical lines higher reliability, reduce later maintenance costs; the fire safety is higher, to prevent circuit ignition caused by aging and water combustion.


Total steel of high strength

The vehicle high strength steel, the yield strength is higher than 700MPa, is 2 times that of medium strength steel, 3 times that of ordinary steel.


Intelligent security system

Equipped with automatic emergency braking system (AEBS), lane departure warning (LDWS), electronic stability control system (ESC) and other intelligent protection systems


Passenger abnormal behavior monitoring system

High security level abnormal behavior monitoring system, comprehensive identification and analysis of passenger abnormal behavior, including: theft, wrestling, smoking, etc.If similar behaviors are identified and monitored, the system will record the physical characteristics of the behavior implementer, and the background will immediately broadcast the early warning, so that the safety of public travel can be fully guaranteed

Round and full very proud



Front and rear combination headlights

Combination of headlights, the appearance of round and full, full of air, the overall beautiful and delicate


Front and rear combination headlights

Combination of headlights, the appearance of round and full, full of air, the overall beautiful and delicate

Powerful functionto meet many needs



Power conversion equipment

Matched with high-power power conversion equipment, the vehicle equipment can be charged everywhere and can be quickly deployed for outdoor detection


Comfort seat

Side by side soft side seat, the overall more beautiful, more comfortable ride


Household air conditioning system

Equipped with household air conditioning system, through the internal circulation system of air conditioning to adjust the temperature of the cabin, can provide a comfortable working environment for medical personnel and physical examination personnel.It is equipped with a medical refrigerator to save test samples and prevent sample failure.


Multiple protection design

Multiple protection design of medical equipment box to ensure that the equipment is intact in the special process

Spacious and generous low-key and simple


Main technical parameters configuration of SUNLONG SLK5168XYLLD5 mobile nucleic acid testing vehicle

projectStandard-equipped with parameters and models
Vehicle announcement modelSLK5168XYLLD5
outline dimension (mm)11995×2500×3695
Number of passengers (person)2-9
gross mass (kg)18000
curb weight (kg)15000
Fuel typediesel oil
suspensionair sac
brake assemblyFront and rear disc type
tyre size295/80R22.5
bodyworkCarrying type
air conditioning systemNon-independent single-cooling air conditioning
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