SLK5228 Large Luxury RV
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SLK5228 Large Luxury RV
appearance (mm)
Special Vehicle
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Majestic atmosphere  all show luxury

Rigid lines and arc are perfectly combined, the whole vehicle solemn atmosphere,

Front circumference double windshield modeling, all show the luxurious temperament;



RV interior

Retro and modern perfect fusion, dark wood grain furniture elegant and noble appearance level is excellent, the layout is more excellent!


New optimized design

Rigid lines and arc perfect combination, the vehicle solemn atmosphere, front circumference double windshield modeling, all show luxurious temperament;


Intelligent security system

Equipped with automatic emergency braking system (AEBS), lane departure warning (LDWS), electronic stability control system (ESC) and other intelligent protection systems


Passenger abnormal behavior monitoring system

High security level abnormal behavior monitoring system, comprehensive identification and analysis of passenger abnormal behavior, including: theft, wrestling, smoking, etc.If similar behaviors are identified and monitored, the system will record the physical characteristics of the behavior implementer, and the background will immediately broadcast the early warning, so that the safety of public travel can be fully guaranteed

Upgrade a new masterpiece

The side circumference light box makes its appearance gorgeous and can increase the safety of driving at night. The taillight adopts the rear combination headlight containing light guide materials, which is eye-catching and gorgeous



Front enclosure double windshield design

Front circumference double windshield modeling, all show luxurious temperament


Large cabin door

The rear circumference is wide engine room door, simple and practical

The stars are gorgeous and the scenery is in full view



RV interior

Vintage and modern perfect fusion of dark wood grain furniture elegant and noble appearance level excellent, better layout!


RV living room

Gorgeous starry sky light top romantic wave curve bar luxury warm leather sofa large screen touch point table, follow singing


RV bedroom

Top purple LED color-changing light with super large round star sky top window super wide double bed on both sides of the double level bedside cabinet combination cabinet embedded combination sound


RV toilet

Independent dry and wet separation type toilet silver water dragon gold basin noble and practical integral toughened glass shower room bottom of the large drainage mesh outside super wide wash marble table on the excellent porcelain basin

Spacious and generous in gold and blue


Main technical parameters of SUNLONG SLK5228XLJ residence car

projectStandard standard parameters and models
Vehicle announcement modelSLK5228XLJ
outline dimension (mm)13695×2260×3230
Number of passengers (person)2-9
gross mass (kg)22500
curb weight (kg)21880
Fuel typediesel oil
suspensionair sac
brake assemblyFront and rear disc type
tyre size315/80R22.5
bodyworkCarrying type
air conditioning systemNon-independent single-cooling air conditioning
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