SLK5133 fuel cell commercial vehicle
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SLK5133 fuel cell commercial vehicle
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Business travel science and technology intelligence

Emabling public transport systems with technological advantages,

Provide convenient travel, life services, precision marketing, etc

High-quality comfortable experience of travel fragmented time use,
reshaping the new ecology of intelligent city public travel,

To create a new mobile living space under the artificial intelligence city.



Passenger area exclusive area

The passenger door is located behind the front wheel, and the rear driver has certain isolation facilities from the passenger compartment, which is not only convenient for passengers to get on and get off the bus, but also to ensure a certain privacy of the passenger area.


Driving monitoring system

It can be equipped with lane departure warning (LDW), forward collision warning (FCW), 360 loop system, throttle anti-misstep system, driver behavior monitoring and other auxiliary driving technology, the safety is better;


Voice interaction system

The voice interaction system can provide real-time information collected during the vehicle operation, real-time road conditions, shopping information around the site for passengers with convenient life information; human-machine direct voice communication, ask lines, site information, no longer distract the driver, safer.


Passenger abnormal behavior monitoring system

High security level abnormal behavior monitoring system, comprehensive identification and analysis of passenger abnormal behavior, including: theft, wrestling, smoking, etc.If similar behaviors are identified and monitored, the system will record the physical characteristics of the behavior implementer, and the background will immediately broadcast the early warning, so that the safety of public travel can be fully guaranteed

Comfortable experience business first choice

Minimalist curve, very large space, to give a comfortable experience,

Let you struggle on the road of the more relaxed.



Air spring suspension

Can effectively absorb the road vibration, automatically adjust the vehicle to the best driving posture, improve the comfort of the car.


The front and rear top skin shapes are designed according to the aerodynamic simulation

The wind resistance coefficient is reduced by more than 10%, reducing the vehicle high-speed driving consumption.

Luxury space the ultimate enjoyment

The vehicle interior soft package, with a sense of science and technology star ceiling, luxury business seats, and equipped with a certain number of tables, can meet the needs of office work, but also meet the needs of entertainment.
The car is equipped with luggage storage area, car refrigerator, rain gear storage rack and other facilities.Air spring suspension with ECAS function, to further improve the convenience and ride comfort;



The feeling of the starry sky ceiling of science and technology

The color is soft, like a dream, exquisite and elegant, the car space into a romantic, warm place, can effectively relieve the fatigue body and mind of drivers and passengers.


Luxury business seats

Not only is it equipped with aviation headrest, chair back pillow, seat belt, but the TA also can slide the front / rear distance, the seat can slide left and right, leaving the third row of passengers without obstacles... these humanized features are very rare in similar models.


car refrigerator

Car refrigerator can realize double temperature and double control, free control space, refrigeration is not enough, it can store drinks, fresh meat and other food.In this way, when you travel, you no longer have to worry about the inconvenience brought to life.


Internal flat slab structure

High-end material should not be too much embellished from the natural texture to give a more comfortable experience, so that the ride becomes enjoyment!

Reasonable capacity expansion  free space

Scientific arrangement of space layout, will make full use of every inch of space, improve operational efficiency, so that passengers have a more comfortable ride experience.


SUNLONG SLK5133XSWFCEVQ commercial vehicle main technical parameters configuration

projectStandard-equipped with parameters and models
nameThe SLK5133 fuel cell
Vehicle announcement modelSLK5133XSWFCEVQ
outline dimension (mm)8075×2460×3385
Number of passengers (person)10-19
gross mass (kg)13000
curb weight (kg)8750
Fuel typefuel cell
suspensionair sac
brake assemblyFront and rear disc type
tyre size255/70R22.5
bodyworkCarrying type
air conditioning systemElectric heating and cooling air conditioning (cooling capacity of 15Kw)
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