SLK6663 pure electric bus
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SLK6663 pure electric bus
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City Bus
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Provide green transportation solutions for cities

SUNLONG lightweight technology bus, using hydrogen fuel cell, environmental protection and clean, low energy consumption, is the first choice of green public transportation travel



power battery

The well-known lithium iron phosphate battery brand, with 85kWh and 116kWh two capacity options, large capacity battery can achieve ultra-long driving range


Driving monitoring system

Equipped with lane departure warning (LDW), forward collision warning (FCW), 360 look around system, throttle anti-misstep and other auxiliary driving technologies, improve vehicle safety;


high-pressure system

High pressure system component protection level of IP67, safer


Passenger abnormal behavior monitoring system

High security level abnormal behavior monitoring system, comprehensive identification and analysis of passenger abnormal behavior, including: theft, wrestling, smoking, etc.If similar behaviors are identified and monitored, the system will record the physical characteristics of the behavior implementer, and the background will immediately broadcast the early warning, so that the safety of public travel can be fully guaranteed

Smart design safe and reliable

The whole vehicle is 2 kinds of vehicle wide, especially suitable for the rural narrow road conditions,

Car length of 5995mm products can achieve B photo driving,

Greatly reduce the labor cost of bus companies



Air Spring suspension (ECAS suspension system)

The vehicle low floor design, equipped with ECAS suspension system, the driving area installed airbag shock absorption seat, full LCD instrument, small intelligent embedded coin casting machine, integrated driver surrounding structure, improve driving comfort and safety;


Brand New Body / brand new design

The vehicle shape square tone small round corner design, concise and natural, the front circumference using the turnover structure, convenient chassis maintenance, quick parts replacement

Lightweight design for economic safety

Emabling public transport systems with technological advantages,

Provide convenient travel, life services, precision marketing, etc

High-quality comfortable experience of travel fragmented time use,
reshaping the new ecology of intelligent city public travel,

To create a new mobile living space under the artificial intelligence city.


Lightweight design

Bearing type body structure, the skeleton is mainly closed ring structure, reduce the amount of steel, to achieve lightweight design


Interior optimization design

By optimizing the design of the rear compartment of the vehicle, the impact on the interior space is minimized to achieve a small body and a large space


Front / rear independent lights

Headlights and taillights are independent lights, which can maintain the lamps separately, and save maintenance costs for users


Simple folding gate structure

Passenger door adopts simple folding door structure, reduce maintenance costs, to ensure the largest on and off the channel, the key is to achieve the overall layout of the front door, very popular with bus drivers;

Very large passenger carrying economical and practical

By optimizing the design of the rear compartment of the vehicle, the impact on the interior space is minimized to achieve a small body and a large space


Main technical parameters configuration of SUNLONG SLK6663USBEVL1 pure electric city bus

projectStandard-equipped with parameters and models
nameSLK6663 pure electric power
Vehicle announcement modelSLK6663USBEVL1
outline dimension (mm)6640×2180×2995
Rated passenger number (person)11-30
gross mass (kg)8500
curb weight (kg)5300,5500
Fuel typesPure electric
suspensionFront steel rear air bag
brake assemblyFront plate back drum
tyre size215/75R17.5
bodyworkSecondary pedal
air conditioning systemElectric single cooling air conditioning (cooling capacity of 11kw)
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