SLK6129 fuel cell bus
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SLK6129 fuel cell bus
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City Bus
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Provide green transportation solutions for cities

SUNLONG lightweight technology bus adopts hydrogen fuel cell, which is environmentally friendly, clean and low energy consumption. It is the first choice for green public transportation



Environmentally friendly fuel

Hydrogen fuel cell is adopted, which is environment-friendly, clean and low energy consumption


Driving monitoring system

Various auxiliary driving technologies such as lane departure warning (LDW), forward collision warning (FCW), 360 look around system and accelerator anti false stepping are adopted to improve vehicle safety;


New energy system

The new energy system adopts five in one controller to reduce the number of auxiliary drive controllers. The high-voltage harness in the rear compartment is optimized and equipped with isolation protection structure design to effectively improve the collision safety;


Passenger abnormal behavior monitoring system

The high security level abnormal behavior monitoring system can comprehensively identify and analyze the abnormal behaviors of passengers, including theft, wrestling, smoking, etc. If similar behaviors are identified and monitored, the system will record the physical characteristics of the behavior executor and broadcast early warning in the background, so as to fully ensure the safety of public travel

Dignified and elegant technology and fashion

After years of optimized design, the whole vehicle has high reliability and rich configuration, which can meet the needs of different customers in different regions;



Air spring suspension (ECAS suspension system)

The whole vehicle is designed with low floor and equipped with ECAs suspension system. The driving area is equipped with airbag shock-absorbing seat, full LCD instrument, small intelligent embedded coin machine and integrated driver surrounding structure to improve driving comfort and safety;


New body / new design

The shape adopts the style of square base adjustment and small fillet transition, which is beautiful and generous. It is a classic model in the hearts of tens of thousands of bus fans in China. The front and rear wall skins are stamped with thin plates, which can realize the electrophoresis of the whole vehicle and reduce the maintenance cost after collision

Comfort and safety  lead the new trend of intelligent travel

The public transport system is enabled by scientific and technological advantages to provide high-quality and comfortable experience for the use of fragmented travel time, such as convenient travel, life service and precision marketing,
Reshape the new ecology of public travel in intelligent cities and create a new mobile living space under artificial intelligence cities.


Vehicle networking system and safe driving intelligent equipment

The whole vehicle is designed with low floor, equipped with ECAs suspension system, full LCD instrument, small intelligent embedded coin machine and integrated driver surrounding structure to improve driving comfort and safety;


Cabin interior luxury

Cabin molding interior plus led atmosphere lamp, WiFi and USB charging interface to improve the luxury and applicability in the car;


Front / rear independent lamp

The headlamp and rear tail lamp are independent lamps, which can maintain the lamps separately, saving maintenance costs for users


Two step, low floor

The configuration is rich, with two-stage steps, low entrance, low floor and other floor conditions. Air suspension and leaf spring suspension can be selected to meet the needs of different customers in different regions

Reasonable expansion free space

The cabin is simple and bright, and the front wall is open and overturned, which can be opened in blocks to facilitate the maintenance of wipers, lamps, defrosters and other components


Technical parameter configuration table of SUNLONG SLK6129ufcevh1 fuel cell city bus

projectStandard parameters and models
nameSl6129 fuel cell
Vehicle announcement modelSLK6129UFCEVH1
Overall dimension (mm)11995×2500×3470
Rated passenger capacity (person)23-84
Total mass (kg)18000
Curb weight (kg)12500,12950
Fuel typefuel cell
braking systemFront and rear disc
Tire specification275/70R22.5
Body structurePrimary pedal
air conditioning systemElectric single cooling air conditioner (refrigerating capacity 22KW)
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