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Shanghai Sunlong Organization Vehicle Demolition Exercise

Date of issue:2024-05-18 Source:本站

In order to comprehensively enhance the comprehensive ability of all officers and soldiers to handle public transportation accidents, become proficient in vehicle dismantling skills at accident sites, and quickly rescue trapped personnel, Shanghai Sunlong recently cooperated with the emergency fire rescue department of Minhang District to organize practical training on vehicle dismantling and rescue.

The training consists of two main parts: theoretical explanation and practical operation. Shanghai Sunlong organized and arranged for new energy vehicle designers and safety management personnel to provide classroom explanations and training to frontline firefighting and rescue personnel on the structure of new energy vehicles, the damaged parts of vehicles after accidents, and safety precautions.


Through the explanation, the trainees accurately mastered the basic structure of buses, key points of dismantling, and precautions. At the same time, the instructor provided a systematic explanation of the use of rescue equipment, the four basic rescue theories of vehicle rescue, the basic procedures of vehicle accident rescue, on-site evaluation of rescue, common safety and prevention measures in vehicle rescue, and the safety precautions to be taken in protecting the lives of trapped personnel during vehicle accident rescue. The instructor emphasized the importance of on-site command and departmental cooperation in emergency rescue. During the on-site operation phase, various dismantling and dismantling training sessions were organized using the company's scrapped vehicles.


This training and practical exercises have strengthened the understanding of frontline firefighting and rescue personnel about new energy vehicles, improved their practical skills, and assisted rescue personnel in handling new energy vehicle accidents and dismantling vehicles for personnel rescue. At the same time, they can better and more quickly complete rescue tasks, better safeguarding life safety.