Leading innovative

Lightweight technology for the entire vehicle, making it lighter and stronger in weight

Possess the ability to conduct vehicle and component experimental verification, ensuring high-quality product development

Product development follows the ITS16949 quality star system, achieving closed-loop management of products from design, prototype, testing, wholesale, and market

Implementing the dual
carbon goals

Development of a complete machine software and hardware system that meets the functional safety level requirements of ISO26262

New energy system construction and matching technology

Research and development of vehicle intelligence and networking application technology

Simulation and Analysis Technology for the Performance of Electric Bus

Scale application demonstration

Core strategies for energy management of inclined battery vehicles

Matching and Integration Technology of Fuel Cell Vehicle Whole Vehicle System

Fuel Cell Engine Integration and Control Technology

Performance and Safety Evaluation System for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Form large-scale demonstration applications in Shanghai, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other regions

Design capability

The designer of SUNLONG strictly controls every aspect of the entire vehicle design, with a "deep role" thinking, and from multiple perspectives such as "manufacturing worker", "driver", "passenger", "car owner", and "repairman", fully experiences the needs of every aspect of the vehicle after delivery, and achieves a professional level with high-quality products.

Design process

Design software

Simulation technology

Clay modeling

Trial production test